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Stratmore executes programs and projects that deal with organizations, people, leadership processes & performance.  We focus on helping people and organizations to be significantly more efficient, effective, financially profitable and achieve impact.


Organizations are units considered units of aligning vision, mission and purposes. They deliver a coordinated approach to any form of work. With transformation of industries across the world. Highly purpose driven and functional organizations are the delivery units for much needed solutions.
Some of the most successful organizations sometimes fail to fully understand how work is changing, how to develop the workforce they need to achieve business goals, and how to design a workplace to maximize the potential of their workforce.
Reimagining the  optimum organization is now critical for everyone; a crucial step to achieve stronger sustained performance and overall organizational health.


Stratmore Consulting supports organizations to systematically improve motivation, engagement, and productivity using results-oriented, proven interventions.


Working with Stratmore, opens the doors to endless possibilities. We work with you to analyze how trends such as remote work, telecommuting, digital and automation impact the way work is done and design custom yet tested operating models that foster simplicity, flexibility, and speed to respond to these changes.
You will agree that an organization is defined by its character, and its character is created by its culture, whose result is embedded in its people. Well, anticipating critical skills needed in the future, we address people, talent, impact and leadership needs and gaps to transform the workforce.
We help fosters a compelling workplace culture that people is inspired; one that energizes change and drives productivity, employee engagement,diversity and inclusion. All our approaches are not never built without the involvement of the client

Consulting; Research; Training and Workshops

i. Organizational Culture and Change

Shape successful transformation programs and build cultures of continuous improvement to drive value

ii. Organization Design and Development

Optimum, efficient, effective and impactful are the name codes for organizations of the fourth industrial revolution. Regardless of size, capacity and or turnover; organizing for transcends the needs of today, it looks more about sustainable strategies.
With Stratmore, we help design organizations to maximize efficient resource utilization, reduce costs, drive impact and growth, and strengthen both short-term performance and long-term organizational health.
Are ready for some questions; in some companies… Why?
  • Can it take so long for important crucial information to make its formal rounds?
  • Are goals and priorities agreed upon only in theory, yet in daily working, other goals and priorities are actually controlling the work?
  • Are some organizations blind to threats to their survival, whereas the same threats are obvious to outsiders?
  • Do some employees feel estranged and powerless, while others can’t wait to get to work in the morning?
  • Do some solutions to common problems work beautifully in some departments, but fail miserably in others?
Some organizations work. They accomplish what they set out to do and their employees are engaged and happy with their jobs.  Others seem to struggle to accomplish the most mundane of activities.  The most successful companies move forward each day against the competition, while improving the quality of the work they do, gaining financially, increasing market share, serving customers, enhancing the lives of their employees, and being good citizens in their communities.

iii. People and Talent

People and talent come first. Employee Management, Productivity And Motivation

Top-performing organizations understand that employee engagement is one of the key forces driving overall productivity and profitability. A motivated, completely engaged employee is a critical part of the strategic foundation for the way they do business and can provide a durable, competitive advantage.
Highly engaged employees outperform their disengaged colleagues by 20 to 28 percent according to the Conference Board, 2006. A study by Serota Consulting of 28 multinational companies found that the share prices  and return on investment of organizations with highly engaged employees rose by an average of 16 percent compared with an industry average of 6 percent.
There are also costs associated with a disengaged workforce. Disengagement has been found to cost between 243 to 270 billion dollars due to low productivity of this group according to a Gallup poll. In one study by ISR, companies with low levels of employee engagement found that their net profit fell by 1.38 percent and operating margin fell by 2.01 percent over a three year period. Conversely, companies with high levels of engagement found that their operating margins rose by 3.74 percent over a three year period.
Stratmore Consulting supports organizations to systematically improve motivation, engagement, and productivity using results-oriented, proven interventions. Beyond setting the overall framework, we will help you to find the right performance indicators that drive accountability, “ownership”, and development opportunities for every employee, manager, and leader.

iv. Team Effectiveness & Performance

We do everything in teams these days. We have teams in our private lives, such as sports teams and church groups. We have a multitude of teams in our workplaces, like product teams, department teams, leadership teams, and task teams. We even can be members of teams when we have never seen our teammates… so-called “virtual teams”.
Teams are everywhere. When you are a member of a successful team, it is a tremendously gratifying experience. You feel a sense of accomplishment that is extremely powerful and fulfilling. It is almost as if you are one mind and one body working together.
Conversely, we have all spent time being on a team that did not function well, where conflict was rampant, where hidden agendas and a “me first” attitude contributed to a lack of trust, a negative experience so overwhelming that we simply could not wait to have it end.

The good news is that the positive experience is not an accident. 

The factors that work to make a team a smooth, cohesive, high functioning unit are known and repeatable.
Two realities have helped shape organization life today: first, that all organizations are faced with a primary challenge: to produce consistently superior performance – or they will soon not be producing much at all. Second, superior teamwork and superior work teams have been demonstrated to be a consistent strategy for producing superior performance in providing services and products.
Teamwork is what leverages the potential of an organization into superior results. Teamwork is the vehicle for integrating information, technology, competence, and resources. But teamwork is not easy, and it is not simple. For, without a clear, functional model to guide us, the task becomes so confused and contaminated with unsupported opinion and bias that it is impossible.
At Stratmore we believe that the key to developing high performing teams is to remember that successful teams do not simply happen. They take tremendous effort and time. They require a culture which enables and supports team work and need proper guidance and support from the team leader. We will work with you and your teams to determine the objectives and scope of a team engagement – and then provide process consulting, group facilitation and skill building to make truly high performing teams a reality in your organization.

Consulting; Research; Training and Workshops

Shape successful transformation programs and build cultures of continuous improvement to drive value
Consulting; Research; Training and Workshops conducted