We are a CONSULTING, COACHING & TRAINING organisation.


Stratmore executes programs and projects that deal with organizations, people, leadership processes & performance.  We focus on helping people and organizations to be significantly more efficient, effective, financially profitable and achieve impact.


Leadership Development & Management Training

Do you want to be a leader? Or, if you’re already a leader, do you want to improve your leadership? Do you want to affect what other people do—to help them accomplish important goals? Do you want to point the way in your organization? Do you want to climb the promotion ladder to positions of higher authority and greater pay? Leadership will make these things possible.
There is no such thing as a natural born leader, which is why leadership development is such a critical component of the world’s most successful companies. There’s a process to becoming a leader, and leadership development enables individuals to identify and improve on qualities which can make them a great leader. A well designed process helps managers to develop their leadership qualities and become more productive. It is essential for corporations, not only at the top positions in a company, but also for up-and-coming leaders. Having a brilliant strategy worked out is critical, but will be meaningless unless you have the right leaders in the right roles to put the strategy into play. There are tough consequences to not getting it right. A study by Bain and Company shows that companies that wholeheartedly practice leadership management gave their shareholders a 10% per year better return than those that had done nothing, and 5% per year better return than the firms that had made an average effort.

Stratmore provides the informed guidance, functional expertise, and practical solutions needed to take full advantage of opportunities and overcome challenges. We integrate knowledge, tools, and techniques from our expert consultants, customize the solution, and apply it to the particular challenges our clients face. We bring an objective perspective and a wealth of experience to the decision-making process. For over 7 years, hundreds of people and organizations (combined) have trusted us to equip them with the consulting, training, and processes they need to realize their vision of success.


Our services aid organizations to reduce cycle time, increase productivity and improve quality of service delivery and processes both internally and externally.

Consulting; Research; Trainings and Workshops

  • 360° – Increasing Your Personal Performance for Competitive Advantage
  • 360° Degree Feedback and Development Introduction
  • 360° Feedback & Development “Using Feedback to Build Individual and Collective Capabilities”
  • Building Your Leadership Brand
  • Business-Diagnostics – Quantifying Performance Challenges
  • Communication Strategy
  • Competency Development
  • Due Diligence for Venture Capital & Private Equity Investment
  • Knowledge Transfer for Senior Leaders
  • Leadership Development
  • Leadership Development and Coaching “Maximizing Leadership Skills to Produce Results”
  • Leadership and Executive Planning and Development
  • Leadership and Succession Planning
  • Leadership, Team Building, and Performance Coaching for Work Teams
  • Managing the Middle by Leading Up and Down
  • Performance Management Systems “Managing Performance to Achieve Business Goals”
  • Performance Management: Sustaining Optimal Performance
  • Power Teams: Experiential Team & Leadership Development Programs
Consulting; Research; Trainings and Workshops Conducted